Baby Sheep Placenta 5000mg


  • Anti-aging and skin rejuvenating;
  • Promoting general health and enhancing the immune system;
  • Regulates menstrual cycle and balance the hormones;
  • Improves energy and vitality.


Sheep Placenta is a rich source of nutrients (essential amino acids and active protein) and other growth factors which may contribute to the physical development of the body, rejuvenate skin condition, stimulate the immune system and balance the hormones. Sheep Placenta has many health benefits and is recommended in promoting general health and improving physical vitality.

Pack size:

60 and 100 Capsules


Take 1 to 2 capsules daily with meal, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. This product is a natural food supplement and should not replace a balanced and nutritious diet.


(Each capsule contains)
Baby Sheep Placenta – Fresh 5000mg



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