Colostrum 820mg


  • Helps to maintain a healthy immune system;
  • Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system;
  • Improves overall health and general well-being.


Colostrum is a complete nutritional foodstuff produced by nursing mothers in the first 48 hours following the birth of all mammals. Sometimes called a pre-milk, it is a superior product to milk, contains growth factors and help maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. Colostrum contains proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins A, B, D and E. Body & Health Essentials Colostrum is sourced from strong, healthy BSE-free dairy cows that thrive on Australia's fertile, green pastures, and are registered to produce milk for human consumption.

Pack size:

90 and 200 tablets


Take 3 to 4 tablets daily for adults and 2 tablets for children, or as recommended by a healthcare professional. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional. This product is a natural food supplement and should not replace a balanced and nutritious diet.


(Each tablet contains)
Colostrum powder 20% IgG 225mg


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