Moisturising Lotion 180ml


  • It locks in moisture. A hot bath or shower can leave skin dry, with a reduced level of natural oils, so a natural body lotion is the perfect way to redress the skin's moisture balance.
  • It smooths and soothes skin. Shaving is rather traumatic for skin and some shaving gels contain ingredients like SLS which can cause further irritation. Choose a natural shaving gel and follow with a body lotion to help you achieve silky soft, smooth results.
  • It delicately scents skin. A naturally scented body lotion is a great way of giving your skin a subtle fragrance without using artificial perfumes. For those with fragrance allergies, seek out a scent-free body lotion to enjoy all the other benefits.
  • It prolongs your summer glow. Using a body lotion or after sun lotion helps to moisturise the skin and is the best way of retaining your tan as the days start getting shorter.
  • It keeps skin supple. Moisturising lotion helps to combat the dryness that often makes skin look older than it is, helping to keep it supple and youthful.


Moisturising Lotion is the ultimate all over face and body moisturiser providing the skin with complete nourishment and protection. This lotion contains a blend of Jojoba Oil, Kakadu Plum Extract and Vitamin E to provides daily protection against dry and chapped skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Especially formulated with Sea Buckthorn Oil and Magnolia Berry Extract to hydrate, comfort and leave the skin looking and feeling smooth.


For soft and supple skin, apply in a circular motion all over face and body.


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