Facial Cleansing Lotion 120ml


  • Cleanses, gently lifts make-up and impurities;
  • Maintains the natural moisture level and pH of the skin promoting natural hydration;
  • Thoroughly neutralizes skin and eliminates pollution particles;
  • Chamomile soothes, leaves skin soft and supple.


For gentle cleansing that thoroughly lifts off makeup and impurities, while guarding against moisture loss.  The rich formulation of Goat-Milk, Pearl Protein, Chamomile and Aloe Vera restore proper pH balances and soothes, leaves skin soft and supple.  It is the ideal preparation for Protective Day Cream and Night Renewal Cream treatment.


Squeeze a small amount onto slightly moistened palms and smooth over the face and neck, including the eye contour area. Rinse with water or remove with a tissue.


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